A Big Leap


Last month I performed a show. I showed up, did my act, and went home, just like I had done a thousand other times. But this time was different, and I had a lot more jobs then just to perform. This was a show that I produced, performed, and promoted nearly 100% alone.

It was at the Chelmsford Center for the Arts (CCA), a beautifully renovated town hall in Chelmsford Center. Ever since its renovation 10 years ago, it has become a thriving center for arts of all different types. I have performed magic there three times before: Two shows with friends and one with the International Brotherhood of Magicians local Ring 122. For each show, I felt that I was pushing myself out of my comfort zone, and afterwards I knew that I had grown as a magician.

This year, I took a big leap out of my comfort zoneā€¦.