Why Hire a Professional?

Event planning a tough job.

An event planner has a set budget and a strict time frame, and must work within those parameters. If you are planning your company’s upcoming event, you must feel that your co-workers are counting on you to make this the best event yet. With all eyes on you, you want to stretch the budget as far as it can go. That means spending more money on what matters and cutting corners on what does not matter. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to tell the difference.

It’s tempting to spend extravagantly on food and decorations, and to spend whatever’s left on entertainment. After all, there are plenty of magicians out there who will work your party for $800. $500. $300! And you might as well go for the most cost-effective (cheapest) magician, since we all are the same, right?

Unfortunately, this is the mentality of so many event planners in the corporate world. We magicians (and all entertainers) price ourselves based on the value we bring to your event and corporation. So, a magician who charges you $300 and a magician who quotes you $3,000 will bring far different levels of entertainment to your event.

Of course, price isn’t everything. An amateur magician can easily price themselves at the same level as the top working professionals. But a quick Google search and a look at their website will be a good indication as to whether the magician you’re looking at is a wannabe or a professional (always pay attention to reviews!).  

It’s very important to understand this because the quality of the event will reflect directly on you! And as someone who has worked many such events, I can tell you that one of the most memorable parts of your event (if not THE most memorable) is the entertainment you choose to hire.

So, who would you rather have representing you and your company at an event: A “cost-effective” magician, or a professional?

Ryan Lally