Free Trick: Mental Card Discovery

Here is an easy card trick that anyone can do! It's great for adults and kids alike and can be performed under any circumstances.

What you need: A piece of paper, a pen, and a deck of cards. Know what the top card of the deck is before starting.  

Performance: Have someone cut the deck in half so you have 2 piles of cards, one of them being the original top of the deck and the other being the original bottom of the deck. Take the original bottom pile and place it perpendicular on top of the original top pile as you say, “We will mark where you cut to for later.” Leave the cards on the table.

Now you say that you are going to make a prediction about what card they cut to. Write the name of the card you memorized on the sheet of paper, and don’t let anyone see what you’re writing! Put this paper on the table next to the deck with your prediction facing down. 

Say that you will now look at what card they cut to. Pick up the top pile on the table, and have your friend look at the top card of the

Ryan Lally