The Artist's MBA (Part 2)


In my last article I explained why professional and semi-professional artists should learn the basics of business. As I mentioned there, all of the resources you need to learn these basics are in readily available books. The most important thing to remember is to apply what you learn! Too often people will read great advice and fail to act on it. I urge you to experiment with what you learn, as this is the only way to learn what really works for YOU!

That being said... are a handful of my favorite books that have helped me grow my magic business.

Books I learned from

Rich Dad, Poor DadThis is by far the best book on personal investing I've ever read. In it, author Robert Kiyosaki writes about  The difference in personal finance lessons taught by upper class parents in lower class parents to their children.  He illustrates how working smart is the most effective way to personal financial freedom.

How to Win Friends and Influence People: I believe this classic by Dale Carnegie should be required reading for every high school student in the country.  The title of this book says it all.

The 4-Hour Work WeekAuthor Timothy Ferriss wrote this clock after dropping everything and traveling around the world for 18 months.  The title of this book sounds like click bait, but it's not!  This book taught me how important it is  Delegate in automate certain areas in my life. Overall,  This book is all about implementing Pareto's 80/20  law to your life;  How to do as little work as possible while still getting maximum results.

Tools of Titans:  This book, also by Timothy Ferriss, is a compilation of interviews with high-performance people in a vast array of fields. Broken up into three sections --- Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise --- it's a treasure trove of knowledge.

The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing: The title of this book says it all. Authors Al Ries and Jack Trout list what they consider to be, well, 22 laws of marketing that should never be violated. If you have any interest in marketing your brand, this quick read should be on top of your list.

Influence: Professor Robert Cialdini's classic psychology book examines how consumers fall back on a decision making process based on generalizations. Advertisers exploit this by using targeted ads and marketing techniques to influence our decisions. 

Think and Grow Rich: Napoleon Hill's classic self-help book has sold more then 100 million copies since it's publication in 1937. Hill, inspired by Andrew Carnegie, writes about how important the power of thought is in success in any field. 


Ryan Lally