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Photo by Susan Wilson,

Photo by Susan Wilson,


Ryan Lally

One of the youngest professional magicians in the country, bringing creative magic to Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike. Your guests will love his youthful charm, elegant style, and his amazing talents. His creative corporate magic shows are blend artistic creativity with corporate culture, all while amazing your guests and employees with never-before-seen effects. It’s no wonder he’s become a favorite of audiences and magicians alike!




Ryan Lally’s stand-up magic show, Creative Conjuring, blends together artistic creativity with relatable stories in this interactive comedy magic show. This versatile show can be tailored to fit just about any performance venue. If your event has a theme or your company has a message, it can be worked into this show for added effect!



Bring creative magic right to the fingertips of your guests or employees! Ryan Lally’s walk-around magic programs give people an unprecedented close-up look of this creative corporate magic. Every guest will have the opportunity to not only witness magic up close, but to have it happen in their own hands!



Introduce artistic creativity to your employees! Ryan Lally’s keynote is a 20 minute talk that explores what artistic creativity is and how it can be applied to the corporate setting. Following the keynote is one of his two magic programs, which puts into effect the creative principles outlined in the keynote.


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